Dataline, Inc., a telecommunications company established in 1990, initially focused on delivering top-notch services to local businesses. Renowned for its reliability and exceptional customer support, the company experienced steady growth and expansion over time.

In 1995, Dataline, Inc. acquired its inaugural domain name,, establishing a robust online presence and broadening its customer base. However, in 2015, the original founders decided to sell the domain name separately from the business assets. The domain name was purchased by Jameson Green, who saw its potential and embarked on starting his own company, also named Dataline, Inc. Assuming the position of CEO, Green dedicated himself to building the company from scratch, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and expertise in deaf technology.

Under Green's guidance, Dataline, Inc. forged partnerships with various tech industry enterprises. In 2016, the company collaborated with a private web hosting company, followed by a partnership with a private wholesaler specializing in customized cables, network products, and audiovisual systems in 2017. Additionally, Dataline, Inc. joined forces with a private manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware and parts in 2018. In 2019, the company established a partnership with a private internet service provider, expanding its offerings to encompass satellite, fiber, wireless, and mobile services, as well as television services.

Simultaneously, the original Dataline, Inc., under the Robinsons' ownership, thrived. In 2018, the Robinsons made the decision to sell the company to Fulcrum IT Services, LLC, ensuring its sustained success and continued growth.

Although their paths diverged, both companies shared a common dedication to providing high-quality technology services to their clientele. While Dataline, Inc. may no longer be in operation, Data-Line, Inc. carries on its legacy and upholds its vision.